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Portrait Assignment

Maya and her FluteMaya Merriweather agreed to be my model for my portrait assignment. She is a freshman flute student at the school of music and this was one of her favorite photos from our sessions together because it looks like an album cover. I also really liked this one because of the lines, and textures. This was a pose that I staged in the school of music.

Maya on the StairsThis was Maya’s second choice for her favorite pictures. She liked it because of the colors and the way the background did not distract from the picture, but enhanced it. This was a photo taken where she asked to be taken in the Plant Observatory in Lincoln Park.

Maya in her PeacoatThis is my first choice from the photos that I took with Maya. I love how the yellow of her coat and the green of the bush compliment one anther and add color to a rather bland background. This was a photo that I staged.

Maya Smelling FlowersThis was my second choice of the photos I took. When Maya suggested we go to the Observatory, I thought it was a great idea. She started smelling the orchids and I had to snap a picture! I think this photo really captures Maya’s personality. She likes to have fun and is out going. I also like the “Smell” sign that is pointing directly to her!

I really enjoyed this assignment and working with Maya. We had a lot of fun and got some really nice pictures.


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Jewelery Chest

My first photo assignment was to take pictures of black and white objects and then adjust the color balances in photoshop. This is a photo collection that I put together with the varying shades of color balance. The center photo is the original and top left is green, top right is magenta, bottom left is yellow bottom right is blue. I personally really liked the first magenta color balance change because of the way it warmed the photo.

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Quiz #1

1. What are the main conflicting “Readings” of Shelby Lee’s photographs?

Shelby Lee photographs the people of rural Appalachia and is drawn to those who are working and in pain. Therefore his photographs can be controversial. His pictures reflect the truth of the people in the back hollers of rural Appalachia. However, he is not just doing documentary pictures, but rather staging the pictures to reveal the truth of the way people live in that part of the United States. This is where people get conflicting readings in his photographs because while he is depicting truth in his photographs he is also staging them which is rather controversial.

2. How does the Context of the images effect our perception? Others perception?

The context of the images is rather interesting because in order to understand them you need to year what the photographer has to say about them. It is easy to misinterpret them as a way of exploiting the people of rural Appalachia in stead of what Shelby Lee Adams intends them to be. To be fully understood, the context needs to be explained by the photographer in a way that the common person can understand because they could be discriminatory if interpreted the wrong way, which is actually part of what makes them interesting. People like to view pictures that are controversial or politically incorrect because they are interesting. It is a view on life that is not typical and is therefore interesting. I think if everyone understood the context of the pictures there would be less controversy over them because clearly Shelby Lee Adams does not want to hurt or offend these people, he just wants the word to see them for who they are and respect them.

3. Shelby Lee describes on of his photos compositionally – How?

Shelby Lee describes the picture of the young girl looking through a screen door in a compositional way. He talks about how the door added a triangular formula which drew his eye. He goes on to talk about the white wall as being a nice background with the man standing in the back adding another form in the photo. The other thing he mentioned was the broken screen door adding a reflective and shimmery quality to the picture which also captured his eye.

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I found this photo entitled Alone on at www.thephotographicdictionary.org and I find very striking because of the use of lighting. The positioning of the girl in the picture makes her seem small and alone, hence the title of the photo. It is as though this young woman is realizing how big the world is and how much she does not have. The contrast of light and dark in this photo really caught my eye. The light in the left corner casting a shadow over the girl looking lost and alone. I also really like the way the shadows are different sizes and gives emphasis to the vast space around the girl.

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Cape Cod Picture

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Hello world!

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